NCCWSL Scholarship


NCCWSLNCCWSL is a two-and-a-half-day conference that helps students hone leadership skills. AAUW collaborates with NASPA—Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education to present this annual leadership conference, which began in 1985. Over the years Texas Colleges and Universities have sent many students to the NCCWSL conferences.

Conference Date: June 2-4, 2016
Conference Location: University of Maryland, College Park

AAUW Texas is offering two direct grants to students attending NCCWSL from state accredited Colleges and Universities. All students must be sophomore or juniors in higher education. Graduating seniors or Graduate Students will not be considered by AAUW TX.

AAUW Texas will support the conference by providing the following grants and scholarships. Applications with directions can be found at the following links. NCCWSL Grant Directions

Colleges and University AAUW TX NCCWSL Student Scholarship Opportunities

  1. AAUW TX NCCWSL Scholarship to the Student from College/University Partner with the Most REGISTERED E-Student Affiliates AAUW TX

One Scholarship WILL BE AWARDED        stars2

Those students that are enrolled in College/University AAUW Texas Partner institutions will be eligible for this scholarship. A student from the College/University Partner school that has the most E-student AAUW members registered will be awarded a $500 scholarship.

  • The number of students signed-up as e-student affiliates by midnight, March 2 will determine which school’s will students will be considered for this scholarship.
  • Deadline for scholarship application is midnight, March 18, 2016
  • Students applying for this scholarship will also be placed in the pool for the second scholarship opportunity.
  • If your school is not an AAUW TX College University Partner ask your school to become a partner. 


  1. AAUW TX NCCWSL Scholarship to a Student from Any Texas Institution of higher learning 

One Scholarship WILL BE AWARDED     


  • A student from any accredited Texas College or University will be rewarded with a $500  scholarship
  • The deadline for scholarship application is midnight, March 18, 2016


Branch Application for matching AAUW TX NCCWSL Grant

  1. If you live in a location that has a local AAUW Branch in the community that branch may be offering scholarship opportunities to NCCCWSL. Students need to contact the branches 4adirectly for information. To see if there is a branch in your area

One Scholarship WILL BE AWARDED

If there are any questions: