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For questions about
AAUW Texas:
  Mary Smith, 2022-2024, President
(see form below)
For questions about
AAUW (national organization)
  AAUW HELPLINE, Telephone: 800/326-AAUW
For questions about or to report errors on website:   Janani Janakiraman
Our mailing address:
(for invoices/paperwork)
  AAUW Texas Finance Office

301 Cardinal Run, #308,
Houston, TX  77077
All other mail:   AAUW Texas President

11627 Vailrun Drive
Houston, TX  77070
Our phone number:   AAUW Members, consult your
copy of University Woman Texas


Contacting Branch Leaders

For contact information for a particular branch, visit that branch’s web site. (See our Branch Locator.)

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