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50th AAUW Texas Conference

A Golden Opportunity

On April 30 AAUW Texas celebrated the 50th AAUW Texas Conference and the 50th Anniversary of Title IX with a Golden Opportunity to highlight and celebrate the successes of AAUW Texas for the years 2020-21 and 2021-22. Highlights below.

Want to watch the Conference?  Here is the approximate location on the recording of the different presentations:  

        • Jackie Littleton – 8 minutes
        • Kevin Stewart – 1 hour 48 minutes
        • Malinda Gaul – 3 hours 34 minutes
        • Coach Pebley – 4 hours 12 minutes
        • Dr. Jackson – 4 hours 58 minutes   

Dr. Jackson’s Presentation Reference Links:

The Lasting Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Women’s Work, Health, and Safety
Violence Against Women and Girls: The Shadow Pandemic
Policy Brief: The Impact of COVID-19 on Women
United Nations
Jonathan Osler’s Framework for (White) Accomplices
The Nation is Diversifying Even Faster Than Predicted, According to New Census Data
The Brookings Institution


Summary of the Conference

Gloria Long, AAUW Texas president opened the conference by welcoming the online audience and gave a brief introduction to the day’s activities.
Our first speaker, Jackie Littleton, Tyler branch member and Legacy Circle liaison, introduced her book: The Lady and the Letters.  The book is about Esther Brunauer who was an AAUW staff member who helped get female academics out of Nazi occupied countries prior to World War II. It is a fascinating story, so watch for Jackie’s book to be published.
A short business meeting was held to announce the results of the election and introduce the new 2022-2024 board members. The bylaws changes were announced, and treasurer Diane Roberts gave a summary of the financial status of AAUW Texas.
Kevin Stewart, our legislative consultant, gave summary of the successes and challenges of the work of the Texas Legislature.  He encouraged AAUW Texas to continue to contact state representatives to forward the goals of our organization.
AAUW accomplishments were celebrated by state board members:
Margie Poole, Funds VP announced the Branch and Member donation winners
Barbara Cager, VP Membership highlighted the Outstanding New Member and Member Awards
Gloria Long, AAUW President read the names of all the AAUW Texas 50-year members recognizing the amazing dedication of these women.
During the breaks throughout the day, slide shows created by Betsy Calabro and Mary Smith ran showing branch and member accomplishments, activities, and the camaraderie of our members. Look for the slide shows on AAUW Texas You Tube to view them again.
Malinda Gaul, former AAUW Texas president, and current member of the national board gave us a summary of the difficulties that the national leadership has encountered with updating the member database and encouraged everyone to be patient with the process.
Our keynote speakers were Raegan Pebley, Head Texas Christian University Women’s Basketball Coach, and Dr. Taharee Jackson, Tonesetter in Chief and founder of DrTaharee Consulting.
Coach Pepbey gave some history of Title IX and introduced some important women who supported and benefitted from the legislation that AAUW helped champion.  She reminded us that the work continues to insure equal access to sports and other educational activities to women and girls.
Dr. Taharee Jackson challenged AAUW to recognize racism and other injustices and work to overcome them.  She cited the work of Jonathan Osler who proposed the categories of Actors, Allies, and Accomplices as a process to understand and facilitate real change to social injustice.


The 50th AAUW Texas was a great “online” gathering of women throughout the state of Texas.  As we go forward as an organization, please continue to support the state board, your local branch leaders, and fellow members.  Together we can make change happen.



Zoom Conference Calls Will Resume in the Fall

Please RSVP to the Board Member who is hosting to receive the Zoom link. Remember that Zoom calls can be accessed by phone for anyone unable to connect virtually.

Due to Covid -19 restrictions on in-person meetings, the 2020-2022 AAUW Texas Board is using the funds set aside for SHARE to reimburse branches for the purchase of a one year  contract to a service such as Zoom.  Send your invoice to the state treasurer, Diane Roberts, for reimbursement.

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