Amarillo Branch

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2013-2014 Branch Leadership

President Virgnia Sicola
Program VP Cheryl Beckley
Membership VP Kay Arp
Finance Officer Susan Howard
Secretary Mary Vincent
Corresponding Secretary Jane Compton
President Elect Linda Allen

Branch History

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Recognizing Amarillo’s Woman of the Year: Myrna Raffkind

Myrna Raffkind is a lady you would want by your side for encouragement and support. An active member of AAUW, she has provided positive leadership and arranged interesting programs led by community citizens who often share their backgrounds and current responsibilities.

Having earned two master’s degrees from West Texas A&M University, Myrna is knowledgeable in the fields of psychology and sociology. She genuinely cares about others and their plights in life. She advocates for those in need by her involvement in the Amarillo Coalition for the Homeless, Martha’s Home, a shelter that provides housing for homeless women and children, Teen Pregnancy Prevention Coalition, and Family Support Services which recently honored her with a Giving Heart Award. Myrna treats everyone with the same respect whether one is homeless or is a city leader. She was recognized as Amarillo’s Woman of the Year for her countless and charitable contributions.

Myrna is also an active board member of the Amarillo United Citizens Forum. The executive director says that Myrna brings structure, practical advice about writing by-laws and support for education and social and economic development.

Amarillo Branch AAUW is very proud and honored to have a friend and member like Myrna Raffkind.

Branch Scholarships

AAUW, Amarillo Branch/Ruby Lee Smith Scholarship was established in 1998 to provide scholarships for West Texas A&M University (WTAMU) education students planning to teach history and/or social studies and to honor the memory of Ms. Smith. The recipient must be a full-time junior or senior student having completed at least one semester at WTAMU and one or more of the Fundamentals of Education courses and a cumulative 3.0 GPA. The recipients of this scholarship are determined by the Division of Education. For more information